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The calendar story starts in the seat of ancient civilization, in the ancient near East. The center of change resides in the country of Italy, the foundation of the Roman Empire. All roads lead to Rome, from Ancient Babylon and Persia, Egypt, England’s settlement in America, with the interest of  key players such as King David, Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, Constantine, and many others. 

This narrative will uncover unprecedented historical twists, revealing hidden secrets, motives, and conspiracies, while challenging conventional views of time.  This documentary shares previously undiscovered plots spanning millennia, in a 4-6 part docu-series.

Substantiated evidence will be brought to light, as we uncover archaeological artifacts and historical writings. This is a story you don’t want to miss. Your natural way of viewing time will be challenged. You will never see time the same. 

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Get involved in the telling of this story and be a part of this groundbreaking film. Contributions are needed in order to finish producing this documentary, as we need to travel to several countries to continue filming: Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, and England.

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About Goshen Media

Goshen Media is the film production division for Truth Table Ministries.  Truthtable Ministries, Inc is a 501(c)(3), tax exempt, non-profit organization. We are a Judeo-Christian, Messianic Ministry. We believe in and teach the complete Bible, the Old and New Testament writings, from the original Hebraic perspective.





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